H Series - High Pressure Filters

Our H filters provide exceptional air purity for high-pressure applications spreading over a wide pressure range. Often used in chemical or food and beverage industries.

H Series - High Pressure Filters

Guaranteed air purity up to 350 bar.

 Guaranteed safety

All high pressure filter housings are hydraulically tested to ensure safe and stable operation at all times. A hydrostatic test certificate is supplied with every filter.


High-quality materials like stainless steel cores, double O-rings, epoxy sealed caps and anti-corrosive coated filter housings ensure high performance and reliability.

 Maximum contaminant removal

Our high pressure filter ensures maximum removal of dry and wet dust, particulates, oil aerosol and water droplets through its high-efficiency glass fiber and fleece media.

 Wide range

Our wide range of applications includes 4 pressure variants, 9 sizes and 5 grades. Moreover the H filters can be used for both air and nitrogen at high pressures.

 Energy savings

The optimal design and filter media used for our compressed air filters minimize pressure drop and keep running costs down.

Exceptional air purity at high pressure

Our high pressure filters efficiently reduce oil aerosol, dry and wet dust, particulates, water droplets and oil vapour in your compressed air stream to protect your investment, equipment and processes. Our high pressure filtration solutions are engineered to cost-effectively provide the best air purity and meet today’s increasing quality demands up to working pressures of 350 bar.


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