QD(+) Oil Vapor Filters

Our high-performance oil vapor removal filter removes oil vapor and odors from compressed air.

QD(+) Oil Vapor Filters

Our QD(+) is engineered to cost-effectively provide the best quality air and meet today’s increasing quality demands.

 Air purity

The QD’s highly efficient activated carbon layers with high absorption capacity guarantee maximum oil vapor removal.

 High performance

High-quality materials like stainless steel cores, double O-rings, epoxy sealed caps and anti-corrosive coated filter housings ensure high performance and reliability.

 Energy savings

The optimal design and filter media used minimize pressure drop and keep running costs down.

 Easy maintenance

Filter maintenance is made easier by push-on elements, while external ribs on the threaded housing ensure a firm grip.

QD ensures optimal oil vapor filtration

Our QD(+) activated carbon filter efficiently reduces oil vapour and odors in your compressed air stream to protect your investment, equipment and processes. The activated carbon layers will, by the use of adsorption, reduce the residual oil content to less than 0.003 mg/m³. The pressure drop remains minimal throughout the lifetime of the filter.


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