UD+ Oil Coalescing Filters

Reduce energy costs by 40% with the UD+ two-in-one oil coalescing filtration solution. Best-in-class air purity. Protect your investment, equipment and processes.

UD+ Oil Coalescing Filters

 40% energy savings

A 40% lower pressure drop than the conventional line filter combination results in 40% higher energy efficiency thanks to our unique Nautilus filter technology.

 Pure air

Air purity is equal to that obtained using two conventional filters in line, thanks to the design of UD+ filters and the media used.

 Small footprint

The two-in-one filtration concept reduces installation space and complexity, making these filters particularly suitable for applications where space is at a premium.

 No risk of cracks in filter media

Nautilus filter technology runs no risk of cracks in the filter media because the filter media are wrapped around the filter.

 Save money

Install the UD+ to enjoy significant cost savings compared to conventional filters.

Two-in-one filtration with supreme energy savings

Our UD+ oil coalescing filters efficiently reduce oil aerosol, wet dust and water drops in your compressed air stream to protect your investment, equipment and processes. The UD+, combines two filtration steps (DD+ and PD+) into one, a unique technology to meet the high-quality requirements of diverse applications and provide ultimate energy savings.


 Compressed air filters leaflet

 UD+ filter ISO 12500-1 and ISO 8573-2 certificate

 UD+ QDT filter combination ISO 8573-1 Oil Class 1 Certificate