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    Fully integrated and reliable high quality industrial air solutions. Lowest energy consumption rate even in the harshest environments.

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    In need of pneumatic cylinders, valves and accessories? You are on the right place!

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    Compared to electric units, there are a number of advantages to using air tools in your operation

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You have a need for compressed air and looking for the right solution?

AerTechnik - air compressors, industrial pneumatics and pneumatic tools


Aer Technik SRB Ltd. is a company with a team of experienced sales engineers and designers with a mission to provide customers one stop shop for all their needs related with compressed air systems, as well as to provide full after-sales support.

Our sales office and service center are located in city of Nis, southeast Serbia. From this location we are covering the whole Balkan region and Eastern Europe.

We are suppliers of equipment for compressed air systems of leading European manufacturers. We offer premium compressors, system components, spare parts and service, as well as additional services to improve efficiency and productivity.


We are authorized distributors for Serbia of the world leading manufacturer from Sweden ATLAS COPCO in the field of compressors, the USA DYNABRADE in the field of pneumatic tools, the German HAFNER and the French COVAL in the field of pneumatic devices and the French PREVOST in the field of safety couplings and piping systems.


We offer the equipment for systems of compressed air and gas for production, industry, commercial and medical use.

In addition to the standard equipment for compressed air, we are able to menage the development, design and construction of a complete new customised solutions for systems of compressed gases: breathing air high pressure systems to refill bottles, inert gases-systems for fire protection and the similar.

We pay special attention in repairing of the compressors and pneumatic tools. Repair shop is equipped with all necessary specialized and standard equipment, accessories and tools that enable effective and quality service. Service technicians are certified by our business partners which we are official representatives.

The task of repair and maintenance services during the preventive visit is timely detection of potentially critical situations and prevention of possible defects in the equipment due eg. to inadequate working conditions, misuse of equipment, excessive exploitation of the compressor caused by irregularities in the system and other possible causes.


AerTechnik - Excellence in Compressed Air

Atlas Copco Dynabrade Hafner Pneumatik Prevost Coval