Energy Audit and Leak Detection

Energy Audit and Leak Detection

Energy Efficiency

Promoting Energy Efficiency

AER Technik SRB Ltd is an authorised distributor of ATLAS COPCO – Sweden and NUAir – Italy (FNA S.p.A.), the world’s leading manufacturers of compressed air systems, compressors, air quality treatment and aftermarket services.

Electrical energy is the most common energy source for industrial compressed air production and generally, the energy cost will amount to over 70% of the total cost of ownership. However, in many cases, this cost can be substantially reduced through energy recovery, pressure reduction, leakage reduction, as well as the optimization of operations through correct choice of compressor size, control and regulation system.

ENERGY awareness is a major factor in everyday living. With rising energy costs and the need to reduce carbon emissions as a manufacturer ATLAS COPCO and NUAIR has introduced a range of machines to maximize the energy efficiency and reduce your energy costs. Typically up to 20% of a factory energy consumption is attributed to the operation of the compressed air system.

Energy Saving Solutions

Energy Audit

To make your compressed air installation more energy efficient we need to study how it is running. With the iiTrak energy audit equipment we monitor and record your compressors behaviour. Using the modern data card recording technology there are no limits for recording multiple machines in different areas of your premises. A full energy report is generated highlighting how much compressed air is being used and more importantly how much this compressed air is costing you. In receipt of the Energy Audit report we can simulate the best compressor(s) for your application, maximizing your potential savings.

iiTrak Energy auditThe iiTrak - Energy Audit offers a simple three step process to analyse and identify the saving potentials of your installation.


iiTRAK energy audit: The iiTRAK is the first step in a simple energy audit, which measures the efficiency of your existing compressed air installation. Combined with your specific future requirements, this data allows us to understand and improve your energy efficiency.


An overview for potential cost savings: Our unique simulation software incorporates the data from the iiTRAK audit and translates it into a clear consumption profile, identifying all potential savings with the figures to match. This simulation uses your installed system as a reference and proposes a system most suited for your current and future air demand. The result is a complete report that makes it very easy to analyze the potential payback on possible future investments.


We will present our recommendations to you: We will advise the best fit solution for your compressed air system, sometimes we can offer piece of mind that your system is energy efficient or select an energy-efficient compressor that matches your compressed air needs based on your specific profile and the results of the data analysis.

Leak detection

A very effective way to reduce your energy costs and improve your energy efficiency is to simply reduce the number of air leaks in your compressed air system. Leaks are normally found in pipework, joints, nozzles or anywhere where there is high air usage. We have very sensitive air detection systems that can identify leaks in your compressed air systems. Often we find upto 30% of the compressed air you produce is lost through leaks. We will complete a detailed study of your site and produce a detailed report of what the leaks are and potential savings.

Being energy efficient and reducing carbon emissions is an important part of any business that wants to be sustainable for the future.

AER Technik offer expert advice to help increase your energy efficiency and make sure you are using the most suitable systems for your business.

We can also supply a wide range of variable speed compressors which can instantly match the compressed air flow to the precise compressed air requirement, or Multilogic Control Management systems to stop and start your compressors, based on demand.

A full energy audit – what to expect:

  • We will study how your compressed air installation is running
  • Use iiTrak energy audit equipment used to monitor and record your compressors' behaviour
  • No limits for recording multiple machines around your business
  • A full report is generated showing how much compressed air you are using and how much it is costing you
  • From this we can identify the best compressor(s) for your business to save you energy and money

Multilogic Control Systems to efficiently manage your compressed air systems:

  • Multiple compressors managed by a single system
  • Timer controlled dual pressure band
  • Equalised running hours across selected machines
  • Automatic restart after power failure
  • Timer controlled sequence and priority selection

There really has never been a better time to be energy efficient with your compressed air systems, and we can help you achieve this. Please call +381 18 323 0150 or email us at to arrange an energy audit or to discuss your efficiency requirements.