ZR & ZT (VSD) Oil-free Rotary Tooth and Screw Compressors

Industrial state-of-the-art oil-free air compressors 3,5 to 13 bar.

ZR & ZT (VSD) Oil-free Rotary Tooth and Screw Compressors

Meet our top of the range oil-free compressors that combine top technology to deliver outstanding performance for you at every level.

 Certified 100% oil-free air

Class 0 range of compressors, you are 100% sure to be working with zero risk of contamination, unsafe products or losses from operational downtime.

 Fast & easy set-up

Plug-and-play packages with integrated dryers, VSD and energy recovery. Easy and low cost installation and a quick start-up guaranteed.

 Meets the top quality standard in the food & beverage industry

ISO 22000 certification for our oil-free production facility in Antwerp, Belgium. The food safety management system is applicable to all our Z type class 0 oil-free air compressors and related dryers and filters.

 Optimal reliability

60 years of innovation and experience. Large installed base. Long lifetime through Atlas Copco designed and patented components:, stainless steel coolers, AGMA A5/DIN 5 gears and latest Inverter drive systems. Assured quality control by testing every unit.

 Energy savings up to 35%

Designed for high-efficiency. Save even more energy with our Variable Speed Drive (VSD), our energy recovery feature and energy-free MD dryers.

 Global presence – local service

Our aftermarket product portfolio is adapted to your needs, ensuring optimum availability and reliability of your compressed air equipment at the lowest possible operating costs.

ZR and ZT oil-free compressors up close

With our global installed base, we can make 60 years of innovation and experience in oil-less air technology for you. No matter the conditions, our ZR and ZT produce 100% oil-free air that protects all your critical processes and products. The difference? The ZR is water-cooled, the ZT is air-cooled. With pressure levels ranging from 3.5 up to 13 bar, we maximize your energy savings with a choice of rotary tooth or screw technologies.

ZR & ZT oil-free compressors

Full Feature compressor

A compact, all-in-one quality air solution

ZR and ZT rotary screw and tooth oil-free air compressors are available as Full Feature package with

  • integrated dryer for reduced installation 
  • space variable speed drive (VSD) to minimize your energy costs

Technical specifications

Capacity FAD l/s

19.7 l/s - 2,506 l/s

Capacity FAD

70.92 m³/h - 9,021.6 m³/h

Working pressure

3.5 bar(e) - 13 bar(e)

Installed motor power

15 kW - 900 kW


 ZT 15-22 & ZR/ZT 30-45 & ZT 22 VSD & ZR/ZT 37-55 VSD_EN

 ZR/ZT 55-90 (FF) & ZR/ZT 75-90 VSD (FF)_EN

 ZR 90-160 VSD+ (FF)

 ZR/ZT 110-275 FF & ZR/ZT 132-315 VSD FF_EN

 ZR 300-750 & ZR 400-900 VSD _EN

 Neos inverter datasheet