F Refrigerated Air Dryers

Compact, low maintenance dryers that are compatible with most compressor technologies and applications.

F Refrigerated Air Dryers

Iso 8573-1 Class 5 quality

Thanks to their 7 °C/45 °F pressure dewpoint, our F dryers can be used for applications that require ISO 8573-1 Class 5 air quality.

 Low maintenance

Long service intervals
Easy access to key components

 Quick installation & easy operations

Compact footprint of only 0.13 m2
Simple vertical design
Plug-and-play installation
Dewpoint indicator to verify air quality

 Cost savings

Efficient cooling system ensures low energy cost
Fewer repairs to tools, machines and pipework


The air that leaves a compressor reaches 100% humidity. Aftercoolers and drains are the first line of defense against water in your system. Our dryers eliminate the residual humidity to achieve absolutely dry air for applications that require advanced air quality.

  • Tire inflation
  • Spray painting
  • Packaging
  • Car mechanics


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