FD Refrigerated Air Dryers

Compressed air dryer 6-4000 l/s.

FD Refrigerated Air Dryers

The FD refrigerated air dryer guarantees a low life cycle cost, an accurate dew point and a fast return on investment.

 Reduce lifecycle costs

FD compressed air dryers incorporate advanced energy saving features and low pressure drops to reduce total power consumption. The FD can achieve 6-4000 l/s.

 Most silent in its class

FD refrigerated compressed air dryers come with a sound suppression canopy, drastically reducing noise levels.

 Ease of maintenance

The FD refrigerated air dryer is delivered ready for use on a solid base frame with integrated forklift slots. Our refrigerant air dryers use no consumables and only require regular inspections and cleaning.

Protect your production

Based on direct expansion technology, our high quality FD refrigerated air dryers remove moisture from compressed air with a stable dew point as low as +3°C/+37.4°F. Water- and air-cooled versions are available.


 FD series (6-4000 l/s, 13-8480 cfm)