OSC Oil-water Separators

The OSC can separate all kinds of condensate from all compressed air set-ups technologies, giving unparalleled performance and reliability for minimal maintenance.

OSC Oil-water Separators

Our OSC range offers clean water and peace of mind through proven reliability, high flexibility and ease of operation.


After separation the discharge condensate contains so little residual oil that it can be drained away without damaging the environment or infringing on strict pollution regulations.

 High flexibility

Most condensate emulsions can be divided. Polyglycol condensate can be separated, although some unit deration is necessary in order to maintain filter lifetime.

 Easy to use

The OSC’s simple yet robust design enables easy installation without special set-up, and trouble-free filter replacement.

 Clear replacement indication

Maintenance and blockage indicators tell you when filters need to be replaced, eliminating the need to run additional special tests.

 No risk of contamination

No oil collection bottle is required, eliminating the possibility of contaminating previously separated condensate.

 Preventing health risks

No standing or stagnant water is present in the OSC, eliminating potential health risks and reducing the need for regular cleaning.

Advanced technology for all compressed air condensates

The state-of-the-art OSC range uses patented technology to separate compressed air condensate. The multi-stage separation process with buoyant oleophilic filters and activated carbon ensures exceptional performance, long filter lifetime and trouble-free operation.

OSC: reliability through smart engineering

  1. Condensate enters through the mufflers and depressurizes in the expansion chamber 
  2. The oil water mixture continues on to tower A and seeps through the white oleophilic filter. 
  3. The filter absorbs the oil, but not the water.
  4. Significantly cleaner condensate flows from tower A to tower B. 
  5. Tower B contains a bag of activated carbon, absorbing any residual oil from the condensate. 
  6. Clean condensate exits from tower B with almost no residual oil content, which means it can be discarded safely.

OSC service kits make your life easy

For assured performance and maximum maintenance intervals you should use the specially designed OSC service kits. The following options are available and can be fitted on site:

  • low-temperature environment kit
    consisting of tower heating and insulation
  • multiple inlet manifold
    for easy connection of several condensate lines into one unit
  • anti-bacteria kit
    further improving the natural anti-bacterial mechanism
  • photo-electronic alarm sensors
    for condensate overflow and filter replacement


 OSC oil-water separator leaflet

 OSC DIBT certificate