OSS Oil-water Separators

An oil water separation solution for low flow applications that disposes of oil in compressor condensate in a safe and environment-friendly way.

OSS Oil-water Separators

 Economic solution

With our OSS you will be able to avoid condensate collection and treatment by a costly external company.

 100% recyclable

All materials of the OSS are 100% recyclable and can thus be fully replaced at the end of its lifetime.

 Small footprint

Its compact and lightweight design makes the OSS particularly suitable where space is at a premium.

 Excellent performance

The capacity of the advanced absorption media used in the OSS delivers optimal water purity.

 Clean water

After separation, the oil-in-water concentration is below 15 ppm, allowing you the safely dispose of the remaining clean condensate water in the sewage system.

 Easy installation & replacement

The standard wall or plate mounting bracket, allows for easy access and replacement.

Dependably clean

Our OSS offers absorption-based condensate treatment for oil-injected piston and rotary screw compressors below 30 l/s (60 cfm), dryers and water separators. This oil-water separator uses a new, advanced filter medium to remove oil traces to concentrations below 15 ppm. To verify the oil concentration at the OSS’ outlet, an optional sampling kit is available.

OSS absorption simplicity and efficiency

  1. Condensate enters the OSS via the inlet connection at the top. 
  2. Depressurization slits in the top cap allow pressurized condensate to be fed into the separator. 
  3. During pre-filtration, the oil-water mixture seeps through polypropylene-based filter media, absorbing and capturing the oil but not the water. 
  4. In the post-filtration stage, advanced filter media absorb the remaining oil. 
  5. The anti-siphon vent prevents the separator from completely draining when a flow is passing through the outlet connection. 
  6. Clean condensate exits from the outlet with almost no residual oil content. As a result, the condensate can be discarded into the sewage drain.


 OSS oil-water separator leaflet